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WSRP Joins Law Enforcement In Calling Out Anti-Policing Laws

BELLEVUE — The Washington State Republican Party (WSRP) today, joined with leading Law Enforcement Officials across Washington state condemning the new Democrat-supported anti-policing laws that are already making communities across Washington less safe.

“Radical Democrats in the State Legislature pushed poorly written, anti-policing bills through a hyper-partisan process, despite numerous objections from Police Chiefs and Sheriffs along with Republican Legislators that offered amendments to improve these flawed bills. It is no surprise that less than 24 hours after these laws went into effect that we have seen an increase in crime, as well as situations where dangerous criminals were given a pass to commit more crimes,” said WSRP Chairman Caleb Heimlich. “These laws have fundamentally altered how Police and Sheriff departments respond to dangerous crimes for the worse. Everyone is a loser thanks to these ill-conceived bills – Washington residents are significantly less safe after the implementation of these laws and members of Law Enforcement are put into situations where they cannot do what they swore to do, protect and serve. At a time when crime rates are rapidly rising across the country and Police Departments such as the City of Seattle are facing a mass exodus of officers, we need to be supporting those that keep us safe, not making their already difficult jobs harder.”