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WSRP Statement On End Of Legislative Session

BELLEVUE — The Washington State Republican Party (WSRP) released the following statement today in response to Democrats in the State Legislature passing ESSB 5096, which creates a state income tax, SB 5126, that contains cap and tax provisions, and HB 1091 that implements a low carbon fuel stand, with the promise of a five cent gasoline tax in the near future:

“This is a sad moment in Washington history as decades of precedent and the trust of taxpayers were both broken by Democrats. It is unconscionable to raise taxes on people struggling through a pandemic amidst a projected state budget surplus of $760 million and an additional $7 billion our state will receive from the latest COVID-19 federal stimulus bill,” said WSRP Chairman Caleb Heimlich. “Make no mistake, this is an income tax not just an excise tax. Democrats added insult to injury when they included language intended to block a citizen referendum. Washington taxpayers deserve to have a voice in how much taxes they pay. Ultimately, the taxpayers will be heard in 2022, when they vote out swing district Democrats that betrayed their constituents, like Sens. Emily Randall, Mona Das, and Claire Wilson, as well as Reps. Sharon Shewmake, Debra Entmann, Pat Sullivan and others,”

“The cap and tax legislation, the low carbon fuel standard and the future gas tax hike will only succeed in punishing the middle class and essential workers that commute to work every day. These taxpayers do not have the luxury to work virtually, like Democrat lawmakers. The cap and tax legislation will cost an average family with two cars nearly $400 per year in 2023. These Democrat policies along with the upcoming $.05 tax increase on gasoline, will increased the cost of a gallon of gas by $.25! Talk about a regressive policy that punishes working Washingtonians,”

“Not only did Democrats raise taxes, and increase costs for hard working Washington families but they shut the public out of the legislative process. By releasing the state budget a day before the end of legislative session, these new taxes were jammed through with little transparency or input from the taxpayers that will be footing the bill. The people of Washington deserve better.”