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BELLEVUE – Chairman Heimlich released the following statement after King County Superior Court Judge Marshall Ferguson’s car tab ruling

“The latest actions from the activist King County Court in granting a preliminary injunction on $30 car tabs is a disrespectful and blatant miscarriage of justice towards the voters of Washington state.  The people spoke loud and clear to stop the reckless spending and fiscal irresponsibility we have seen from Jay Inslee, Jenny Durkan, Dow Constantine, and fellow Democrats through our constitutionally protected right of initiative to the people.”

“I am disgusted, but unfortunately not surprised, that Democrats would work so hard to fight against, and sue, the taxpayers simply to take more of their hard earned money. Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s lackluster defense of the initiative on behalf of the voters was disappointing, especially considering it was his office that wrote the ballot title which the judge identifies as misleading! Clearly, we need to elect new leaders who will listen to the voters and their cries for tax relief.”