BELLEVUE – Chairman Heimlich released the following statement after the recent events in the Seattle neighborhood of Capitol Hill.

“What is happening in Capitol Hill is a tragedy to a once great city, but not surprising in the least.  After years of Bob Ferguson and Dan Satterberg declining cases, failing to prosecute criminals, and pandering to the reckless left, the chaos we are seeing in Seattle is the natural progression of lawlessness.

Complete with armed guards and signs that read ‘You are now leaving the USA,” we are seeing a culmination of the Democrats’ failed policies. In addition to occupying six city blocks, last night we saw a Seattle City Councilwoman lead a protest of people trespassing into City Hall.

 We need accountability, and in less than five months, justice will be served.”

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Robin S Fry · June 11, 2020 at 11:48 am

Totally agree with statement above. Gov Inslee’s comment that ” he didn’t know about” the thousands of Black Lives Matter, Antifa and criminals who have taken over the Seattle police precinct and 6 square blocks of Capitol Hill, in his largest metropolitan city, are simply unbelievable. He’s a lair and/or totally incompetent, and must be thrown out of office. The lawlessness and rioting must end immediately. Seattle is a national disgrace. Republicans are the party of law and order, peace and tranquility, and equal justice for all, Let’s stand up and speak out against mob rule, looting, violence and the demonization of our police force.

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