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Did you see the latest from Q13 FOX?  Well, if you didn’t, click here to check it out, but our message about Governor Inslee putting his personal ambitions ahead of the people of Washington State is spreading.

Brandi Kruse reported yesterday that “from March 1 to June 1, Governor Inslee spent at least 60 days campaigning. Most of those days – 47 – were spent out of state.”  That’s 65% of the last three months, all while Washington State continues its slide into socialism led by the far-left Democrats.

So far, more than 3,100 people have signed on to our petition calling for Jay to pay back the people the $4 million for his personal security – and it’s working.  Washingtonians are fed up with the Democrats’ elitist attitude, if you haven’t already, go to, sign the petition, and share it with your friends, family, and neighbors.

We’re working all across the state, prepping thousands of activists and volunteers to turn Washington State RED, so pitch in $20 today to keep the momentum going!