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BELLEVUE – Chairman Caleb Heimlich released the following statement regarding Governor Inslee’s sanctuary state comment during the first DNC debate.

“Arrogantly touting the fact that he and fellow Democrats passed legislation designating Washington as a sanctuary state less than a week after an illegal immigrant was released into the public and attacked a wheelchair-bound woman for a second time is a disgrace and is incredibly tone-deaf.”

“Ignoring the consequence of a failed policy that obstructs justice and leads to innocent people being targeted and severely hurt is not only shameful, but incredibly dangerous.  To make matters worse, Jay, and every other Democrat, is cowardly hiding from the public on the issue and refusing to answer questions about this policy putting Washingtonians at risk – maybe if Inslee occasionally came home to Washington he would see the real world ramifications of his radical agenda.”

Governor Inslee’s  sanctuary state comment can be seen at 47:05.