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Exciting News!

We have some exciting news – after getting off the phone with some of Washington’s most successful business owners and explaining what we’ve already accomplished in the first four months of 2020, along with our future goals, they decided to MATCH EVERY DONATION that comes in during the month of May!

We have a lot of work ahead of us, but we’re continuing to fight every day because our state’s future depends on it.  With 1 in 5 Washingtonians filing for unemployment, Democrats like Jay Inslee are destroying our economy and instead of doing what’s needed to help, Inslee just extended the stay home order another month.

This is nothing less than a financial death sentence for businesses and families wondering what’s next. Meanwhile, states like Colorado, Texas, Florida, and even California are lifting their restrictions and letting businesses open up safely.  Luckily, this matching donation will give our Field Teams across the state everything they need to keep up the pressure.

What’s even better is if you commit to contribute monthly – our donors will match those contributions EACH MONTH through Election Day – that is unheard of.

For every dollar you pitch in during May counts as two: $10 = $20, $25 = $50, $50 = $100, and so on, so pitch in today and we can fire Jay Inslee and elect a Republican Governor in November!

This is an opportunity that rarely comes around, thank you so much for your help, Friend!