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BELLEVUE – WSRP Chairman Caleb Heimlich issued the following statement after Jay Inslee’s recent flip-flop on the Boeing tax cut and fake id decision.

“Governor Inslee’s recent comments regarding the Boeing tax cuts are a perfect depiction of his eagerness to claim credit for the success of others and his refusal to accept responsibility for his own leadership failures.”

“In 2013, Inslee championed the Boeing tax break. He even called a special legislative session specifically to pass what the Washington Post called the ‘largest corporate tax break any state has ever given to a single company.’ Inslee referred to the deal, at the time, as ‘a great step forward for the state of Washington.‘ Now, six years later he claims it was like ‘having a gun to your ribs.‘”

“In 2017, Republicans proposed, and passed, SB 5977 with bipartisan support. This bill would have leveled the playing field, lowered the business and operation manufacturing tax for all manufacturers, and removed any unfair favoritism in the tax structure. Unfortunately, Inslee vetoed the bill, leaving Boeing vulnerable, and predictably resulting in the WTO’s recent ruling. Inslee’s poor decision forced Boeing and Washington’s manufacturing businesses to suffer.”

“Apparently, Governor Inslee is hoping people don’t remember his previous statements or don’t have access to the internet to see he is blatantly flipping positions. He is desperately trying to make the debate stage by pandering to the Democrats’ anti-capitalist, anti-business base during his vanity run for the White House. Inslee’s flip flopping and failed leadership is not gubernatorial material, and it is certainly not presidential material.”